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2009-07-10 14:01:37 by DJOrsa

So, one of my songs, Strive [Fix], just recently got to the #2 position on the techno songs list. I was pretty excited last night when I saw it. Then, I checked this morning and it had gone down nearly a whole point. This would not have bothered me at all if I had got at least ONE review.

If you don't like my songs, that is completely okay. Just please.. at least give me the respect to write a review. Please? ...


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2009-07-10 19:19:15

Yeah that happens ALOT to me too.. Been denied Top 5 too many times.. Meh what can you do.

DJOrsa responds:

Man, I wish NG could make it so that in order to vote, you must write at least a 10-20 word review or something like that..


2009-07-12 17:09:11

This happens to me as well as almost every artist on here. Kids want their shit to be on top, so they five their own garbage, then zero everyone elses' material that they deem might be a threat to their own song's standing. It's unfortunate but it's been that way since I've been submitting here in 2004 on my first account :(

DJOrsa responds:

Maaan, fuck them..
They should just make better music instead of bombing other people's stuff.


2009-07-16 13:14:57

In a perfect world, zero-bombers would leave reviews. However, they never show themselves so it's hard to weed them out. Nobody likes them. And no matter what you say, they won't stop. You're just gonna have to accept it. I know I hate it, too.

You know what they should do to retard this? Make it so that we can see what the most recent votes are and who gave it that vote. I bet this system would discourage zero-bombing to a certain degree, or create a zero-bombing war.

DJOrsa responds:

Lol, is there anyone we can present this problem to? I'm sure they know it exists, and there are many solutions that can be put into effect..


2009-07-18 21:42:33

How about a system similar as the one applied in the flash portal?... even if it does not solve the problem of the zero bombers, at least it's a better chance of getting ppl to notice your work I think, by having sections like daily winners, past daily winners and a more proper best of the week that can host MORE than only 5 entries...
I have this point of view because I am not that interested in being "zomg!, I'm one of the top (and only) 5 best of the week"... I'm more interested in seeing in the voting and reviews counters increase.
I am not sure why is the audio portal is sorta different from to the flash portal... but sometimes when you submit something, in just a couple of hours it's gone from the recent entries list, and you only get like 3 votes and 10 listens (when you are new to NG)

DJOrsa responds:

Yeah, I think that would work great -in addition- to solving or at least curving the amount of zero-bombing.


2009-07-26 12:35:13

Look what I found! If you hate zero bombers, you'll love this: n/257003