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Collab with Chungstarr!

2009-08-14 23:54:29 by DJOrsa

Look out for "Paradise", a Happy Hardcore collab between me and Chungstarr (Unrl).
We've been working on it for about a month now, and I think it turned out really well! :D

P.S. Does anyone know if both of us can upload it, since we both worked on it?

Also! rsa
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You can buy my tracks here, in much higher quality, and with all the problems fixed. Some songs have even been changed! :D


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2009-08-15 01:35:19

You can both upload it but its like if you both uploaded 2 different songs. Cuz the favs Chung gets wont add on to the favs ur song gets and vice versa.

You stole my song name D:< lol jk.

DJOrsa responds:

Awesome thanks! Soz, i didnt know you had that name. xD
My msn is djorsa@hotmail. :D


2009-08-22 01:26:11

album cover is sweeet bro! and those hi-qual versions are minggt.